Liberty Training

Liberty training is a method in which you communicate to the heart of the horse using body language and energy work that they understand as their natural language. You set the horse free in a large area without any tack or restraints. You develop an invisible bond with the horse that is stronger than any rope one could ever use. It is about always giving the horse the choice to engage with you or to be able to leave if they don’t. A horse can’t truly say yes if they don’t also have the option to say no. Liberty training creates an authentic connection and deepens the bond between horse and human which can be the foundation for young horses, a way to deepen your connection to your horse in order to help improve your riding discipline, to overcome certain fear or aggression issues, a way for one whom does not ride to engage with horses, as well as a fun way to engage with a retired horse that can no longer be ridden. Ashley offers lessons with her horses in the art of Liberty. She is also accepting horses for both short and long term training.

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